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The Best Spring Nail Trends of 2023

We think it's safe to say that, when spring rolls around we get pretty excited. We look forward to seeing the newest nail art and beauty trends emerge and which ones we think are the must-try nail designs. Spring 2023 Nail Art is fun, filled with texture, updated ombre and pops of candy-like colours.

First, we have to tackle nail colours for the season. Typically you would see pastel, bright and neon making their entrance, but this year we're seeing quite a mixture. From metallics and chrome silver to barely-there nudes with defused neons. We're diving into what nail trends you will see for spring 2023.

When it comes to nail art, we're seeing lots of texture and 3D art topping the list of most sought-after nail designs. This includes raised metallic chromes and metallic velvet blobs. A classic French tip is still making the cut and we love seeing unique twists with various colours, patterns and other designs.

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We're still tapping into our spiritual side with aura nail art, reminiscent of a classic ombre nail design. We love how soft the colours and textures are, they remind us of a classic mood ring.

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Negative space will never take a back seat. The nail design options are endless, making it one of our favourites to do! This year, we're seeing more show off the base of their natural nail. We love the idea of mixing trendy neutral tones with this nail art. Below you'll see a crochet pattern, adding a layer of texture while keeping some negative space.

Mesh nails, negative space nails, Toronto Nail Art, Best Nail Art 2023, Spring Nails, Gel Manicure, Danforth Avenue, Nail Artists Toronto

Every year we look at runway fashion and how it influences trends around the world. It's forever an inspiration for us and influences our approach to nail art and various nail designs. The trends here are a take on what we've seen pop up on the runways for spring 2023. Take note, because we will see this nail art sticking around for a while and we love it!

We can't wait to see you,

Team Tips


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