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Tips Nail Bar Reopening

JULY 2nd, 2021

We’ve been playing a lot of peekaboo, don’t you think it's time to call it quits? This year has been bitter, but we’ve got something sweet! Fresh new shades for summer, exciting nail art designs, new skin care additions, and obviously reviews on our latest and favourite Netflix shows!


It won’t be long now until we can get back to giving you mind-blowing manicures! We are just waiting for the go-ahead so we can open. Feel free to email us so we can get you booked in. We are ready!!


We want you to be safe and comfortable so here are a few measures that we have taken to make sure that we are adhering to Toronto Public Health Guidelines and also, to put your mind at ease.

What to expect:

When booking your appointment you will be asked for your first and last name as well as your email and phone number. This information will be kept on site in the event that Toronto Public Health requires this information.


We would love to see you arrive for your appointment no more than 5 minutes before. What felt weird before has become the norm for us now, so if you could stay two meters apart while you wait outside that would be fabulous! We will unlock the door to let you in when it's time. Toronto Public Health is still enforcing capacity limits which we will be sure to follow.


Wearing a mask will still be required before entering the salon. Just make sure it’s covering your nose, mouth and chinny chin chin! We know scarves or bandanas may look cooler, but for now, please wear a proper fitting mask so that it won’t be uncomfortable during your service. There’s nothing worse than having to adjust when your nails are wet! Don’t worry, if yours all of a sudden starts slipping down, we got you! We can provide you with one that will fit!


Health Screening will be completed upon arrival, we will confirm that you are feeling healthy, no fever, cough or difficulty with breathing. You know, the usual questions. This will also apply to our team members.

Hand cleansing stations have been placed all over the salon. Upon entering we ask that you please sanitize your hands and prior to your service you will be asked to wash and scrub your nails at one of our guest sinks.


You will have your own personal box to place your belongings in right next to you. Our manicure stations must remain free from any personal belongings as well, this includes cell phones. Please limit the number of bags you come in with as there will be minimal storage for extra shopping bags.


Even though we love meeting your kids, family and new love interests, we would appreciate that you arrive alone to your appointment. We cannot accommodate any additional guests based on our square footage. We will be at our maximum capacity allowable by Toronto Public Health during each appointment slot.


Food and outdoor drinks will not be permitted inside the salon at this time, unfortunately we must also refrain from offering any beverages.


If you are late for your appointment it will mean that we will need to reschedule. Adhering to strict, appointment spacing, makes it possible for us to be on time for you and others.


Some services will not be available to book for the time being, (ie mask-less services, lip waxing, facials) we have also had to limit some of the nail services that we have always offered (medium, advanced nail art, enhancement services) so that we can keep services to one hour at this time. Don’t worry, we’ve got some cute fresh designs we will be offering! If you have a broken nail, please inform upon booking so we can try to accommodate the additional timing.


Please bring flip-flops to wear after your pedicure as we have a very limited amount of space for drying. Shellac is also an option for pedicures. That way you can wear a closed toed shoe right after! Sandals that touch the toe area are not recommended as polish quite often will smudge when wearing them after a pedicure.


Our payment process is still super-easy and will be done right where you sit using a wireless key pad. You are also welcome to send an e-transfer for your services ahead of time. Cash cannot be accepted at this time as form of payment for service or product purchases. If you would like to give a cash gratuity to your technician (very appreciated), you will find gratuity envelopes in your your designated area. We will not have any cash on site to give change etc.


We are happy to book your next appointment or prebook a few, by phone or email. if you would like to purchase a gift card, this can be done on our website and can be printed off or pre-ordered by phone or email.


Online booking has been disabled for the time being so we can closely monitor salon capacity. We appreciate your patience as phones and emails can be very busy. Don’t worry though, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We are so grateful for your support and loyalty. Many of you have regularly checked in on us and we love you for that!


We can’t wait to see ALL of you soon so stay tuned!

lots of love,

Team Tips xoxo

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