In the spirit of our current contest (details here), it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on the evolution of nail art. Love it or hate it (we hope you love it!), nail art isn’t a mere seasonal trend that leaves as quickly as it arrives. Quite the contrary! Nail art has been around since ancient Egypt, when nails were graced with gold to indicate that an individual was not a member of the working class. In our lifetimes, nail art has gone from being an underground hip hop trend in the 1980s to a widely adopted norm in 2013. In the past decade specifically, we have seen the nail industry explode with infinite ways of adorning one’s nails with new and interesting patterns, designs, textures and finishes.

Nail art is a form of self-expression, and it so often reflects the character of the person sporting it. Our team has been known to dabble in nail art more often than not with clients (click through the gallery above for a taste of what we do!), and this is mostly possible due to the existence of UVРand LED-cured nail colour systems. With the ability to cure nail colour between each coat applied and not disrupt the previous coats of colour when working on a nail design, the ability to execute intricate or complex nail art has improved drastically versus using only traditional nail polish, which is time-consuming and more difficult to work with due to long dry times and potential smudging, smearing and bubbling of nail polish. At Tips Nail Bar, we make use of both traditional polish and UV- and LED-cured nail colour systems to create the looks that our clients envision, and nails are most definitely our canvas of choice as artists!


written by Poonam Kaur Billing


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