CND Shellac with Additives at Tips Nail Bar

We welcome the new CND Additives with arms wide open!

Remaining calm was not an option when our set of Additives arrived. We haven’t stopped playing with them and the incredible looks our team have come up with are to-die-for.

Additives are a cosmetic grade of pure pigments that can be used to create nail art with zero drying time. Blending Additives with CND Shellac will give you a long wear manicure with crazy-cool nail art that remains shiny for up to two weeks and is pretty much bomb-proof! Here are a few looks that we created at a CND press launch a few weeks ago.



CND has been an industry leader since the early 80’s and the co-founder Jan Arnold is pretty much my idol! They take time in research and never piggy back on what other products brands are creating. When CND Shellac launched in 2010, it changed the manicure for EVER. No more drying time or chipped manicures. Shellac is a power polish that is hypo-allergenic and 3-free (no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP) and is cured/dried under a U.V light in minutes.

This fall 2012 CND will be launching six new “Winter Wonderful” shades of Shellac. So far out of the six, my favourite would have to be “Midnight Swim”. It’s a deep, rich navy that has specks of tiny red shimmering glitter so when the light hits it, it almost has a bit of a holographic effect. Nice? I can honestly say that I am pretty excited about the launch of these six new shades and we hardly can’t wait to get our hands on them at Tips Nail Bar!


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Welcome to our new blog!

So The NEW TIPS site has officially launched and what a process it was. It only took like uhh 6 years for me to finally get an update but better now then never right? Now you can purchase gift certificates, book online and keep up to date on all of the fun stuff we do via our new blog and still let us give you the best manicures in Toronto!

For all of you who don’t know us(shame on you) 2012 has been (and continues) to be jam-packed with amazingly fun opportunities for the TIPS team.

We have been featured in almost all of the top Canadian magazines like FASHION, FLARE, The KIT, GLOW, Elle Canada and featured on blogs that are pretty MAJOR like Beautygeeks, Canadian Living, Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star! We have been backstage at Toronto Fashion Week creating nails for top designers as well as advertising campaigns, photo shoots, videos, television appearances and voted Best Manicures in Toronto again!

So just for fun we thought we’d rewind 2012 and post some of our work!


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