VINYLUX By CND / Longwear Nail Polish for Manicure and Pedicure


We have tried it! We have tested it! So now we MUST tell you about it. Brought to you by the developers of THEE Shellac. This long wear polish lasts up to four times longer than traditional nail polishes when used with VINYLUX Top Coat. The formula includes adhesion promoters that completely eliminates the need for base coat. That being said, base coats usually fill in grooves in the natural nail so if you have ridges in your nails this may not be the perfect fit for you.

VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat is a natural nail system uniquely designed to work together. Exposure to natural light secures the ProLight technology, creating and enduring, long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish in 8 minutes and strengthens its resistance to chips over time(in English, this means it’s pretty much bomb-proof). The key to getting the full benefits of VINYLUX is a proper manicure and clean nail plate. At Tips we have had clients sport their shades for almost two weeks! Adding Solar Oil to your daily beauty regimen will also help keep your nails flexible and help with dryness which is usually the chip culprit.

We have the full selection of shades (there are SO MANY to choose from) for manicures and pedicures at Tips Nail Bar. We also have quite a few shades for sale if you would like to pick one up for an at home DIY. They come in all of the CND Shellac shades so this is also a perfect way to add an extra week to your gel manicure.CND VInylux for manicure and pedicure




Thinking of having VINYLUX for your next manicure or pedicure at Tips Nail Bar? Just book for our Spa Manicure or Spa Pedicure, Vinylux is included in these services! Book online or check out our service menu here!


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We Heart Nail Art!

In the spirit of our current contest (details here), it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on the evolution of nail art. Love it or hate it (we hope you love it!), nail art isn’t a mere seasonal trend that leaves as quickly as it arrives. Quite the contrary! Nail art has been around since ancient Egypt, when nails were graced with gold to indicate that an individual was not a member of the working class. In our lifetimes, nail art has gone from being an underground hip hop trend in the 1980s to a widely adopted norm in 2013. In the past decade specifically, we have seen the nail industry explode with infinite ways of adorning one’s nails with new and interesting patterns, designs, textures and finishes.

Nail art is a form of self-expression, and it so often reflects the character of the person sporting it. Our team has been known to dabble in nail art more often than not with clients (click through the gallery above for a taste of what we do!), and this is mostly possible due to the existence of UV– and LED-cured nail colour systems. With the ability to cure nail colour between each coat applied and not disrupt the previous coats of colour when working on a nail design, the ability to execute intricate or complex nail art has improved drastically versus using only traditional nail polish, which is time-consuming and more difficult to work with due to long dry times and potential smudging, smearing and bubbling of nail polish. At Tips Nail Bar, we make use of both traditional polish and UV- and LED-cured nail colour systems to create the looks that our clients envision, and nails are most definitely our canvas of choice as artists!


written by Poonam Kaur Billing


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LFW – Nail Highlights (Part 1)

And continuing across the pond for fashion month, here are some major nails from London Fashion Week FW2013!

House of Holland

LFW - House of Holland

LFW - HOH Look 6 (tortoise martini)

Sophy Robson was the creative hand responsible for the tortoise-shell nails at the House of Holland Fall 2013 show, and it was surprisingly easy to achieve the look. Robson used Leighton Denny Expert Nails products, which involved dabbing on a pastel orange shade to the nail, followed by a canary yellow colour applied in a similar manner and then filling in any outstanding gaps with a red-based brown shade to completely the effect. The tortoise pattern was actually featured on the invitation to the show, as well as in prints, such as the martini glass print show above! Really cool to see such a timeless pattern on nails!


Michael van der Ham

LFW - Michael van der Ham by CND

LFW - MvdH look 5

LFW - MvdH look 2

CND was the creator of the nail looks at Michael van der Ham’s fall 2013 presentation. The first nail look was actually CND Shellac in “Midnight Swim” and “Cityscape” with silver foil on top, while the alternate look was CND Shellac in “Fedora” with copper and gold leafing applied on top. The foil texture visually mimicked the texture of the textiles used for outerwear in the collection.


Jean-Pierre Braganza

LFW - JPB closeup

LFW - Jean-Pierre Braganza look 4

The nails at Jean-Pierre Braganza were done by Essie and they directly correlated with the collection itself, which would be found on only the most glam wiccans we could imagine! For some models, a blackened teal shade was applied to all fingers except the ring, which featured a hand-painted motif that was also featured on garments in the collection. For other models, the motif was actually painted in black on each nail over a muted beige shade. Nail art isn’t going anywhere!

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

LFW - Vivienne Westwood Red Label

LFW - Viv West 2

LFW - Viv West 1

Never one to shy away from colour or making a bit (!) of a statement, Vivienne Westwood Red Label was a shift from the designer’s punk roots, moving in a direction that was dubbed a “workingwoman’s wardrobe” (as long as that woman happens to work in an industry that is creatively inclined!). The nails were no exception for this Fall 2013 runway show. Manicurist Marian Newman created an airbrushed effect on the nail and knuckles of each finger of each model, varying between shades of pink, blue and light purple. While the nails were bright, the created designs had softness about them due to the airbrushing technique. The nails beautifully offset the graphic and strong makeup and pieces from the collection to create a wonderful balance.


Written by Poonam Kaur Billing


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