Spray Tanning



Before Your Spray Tanning Appointment

Come with clean exfoliated skin. Your tan will only be as good as the skin that is prepped! Invest in a dry brush or exfoliating cloth. You can purchase one here.

Some guests bring a bikini along, some go clothing free. You have the option to do whatever makes you comfortable. We also have disposables you can wear during your service.

Bring or wear loose-fitting, dark clothes and flip flops. Restrictive clothing will cause lines and bronzers may rub off on light-coloured clothing. Check the forecast too! If it looks like it may rain, you should have an umbrella with you.

After Your Spray Tanning Appointment

You want to remain dry for at least 8 hours after your spray tan. This means no excessive sweating, workouts, swimming or showers.

Once your 8 hours are up, shower with lukewarm to cool water. Don’t rub your skin in the shower and keep your skin moisturized to extend your tan.Wear SPF! Your tan will NOT protect you from harmful U.V rays. If you need help with the right SPF, send us an email [email protected] We have an amazingly wide range of SPF products that you can purchase here.