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Face Mapping Skin Analysis

The first, and most important, step in any facial treatments is the analysis of your skin. This helps your therapist design a customized treatment and home care prescription that are completely personalized to your unique needs. This is a complimentary service.

15 minutes – FREE!

Dermalogica Skin Treatment (facial)

Say goodbye to outdated cookie-cutter treatments! This treatment is designed to address your specific concerns and meet your exact skin needs as a result of a personalized Face Mapping© skin analysis. From double cleansing, exfoliation, pressure point massage, personalized masque and sun protection, this treatment takes your skin to its optimal best. Dermalogica’s extensive professional strength products allow for customization unique only to you, including exclusive touch techniques and advanced technology – you will experience a thorough and expertly given skin treatment like no other!

75 min – $100.00


MicroZone® Treatments target your most pressing skin concerns in a snap! They’re the 20-minute quick fix that gets you in and gets you out the door in less time than it takes for a lunch break. There’s no need to even change out of your clothes – just get ready for targeted results! Our expert therapists will analyze your skin, then perform a zone-specific treatment designed to address any concerns.

20 min – $45.00

MicroZone® treatments to choose from…

  • Flash Exfoliation: Firm, resurface, tone and brighten with maximum strength exfoliation to help reverse the signs of aging.
  • Eye Rescue: Firm, tone and brighten tired eyes with a unique blend of peptides, firming proteins and therapeutic vitamins.
  • Rapid Spot Clearing: Spot be gone! Expedite the clearing process of that pesky breakout with extensive cleansing and ingredients ideal for clearing and impactions.
  • Blackhead Relief: Get control of blackheads before they manifest into breakouts with this treatment that gets down into the pores and leaves your face super-clean, purified and refined.
  • Lip Renewal: Be remembered for a fuller, plumper, smile with this smoothing, conditioning treatment for an area that’s often ignored – the lips!

Dermalogica AR35 Treatment

This 45-Minute Advanced Resurfacing Treatment is an intense resurfacing treatment that stimulates cell renewal and cell turnover while treating some of the most prevalent concerns.

  • Premature aging
  • Pigmentation
  • Dullness
  • Sun damage
  • Dehydration
  • Congestion

You will see visible results after just one treatment but for optimal results, a course of five treatments with a one-week interval is recommended.

45 min – $95.00

Dermalogica Advanced Renewal Peel

Designed to leave you with gorgeous, glowing skin, this turn-back-time-customizable treatment includes all the expertly performed essentials; skin analysis, deep cleansing and touch therapies. A mixture of glycol, phytic and salicylic acid, this treatment will gently exfoliate away dead cells to reduce the appearance fo fine lines and pores as well as improve skin tone and texture. It is the brightening treatment you have been waiting for!

Ask about our packages with bonuses!
75min – $140

Microdermabrasion (facial)

This is a more relaxing customized treatment that addresses many skin concerns. Medical grade crystals provide a gentle sandblast off the top layer of the epidermis to encourage new healthy cell growth. Excellent treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, pigmentation, post acne scarring, blackheads and enlarged pores.
UltraCalming products are used to calm skin and reduce redness. You’ll strut out looking and feeling smooth and hydrated.
This is a customized treatment (facial) that includes cleansing, deep exfoliation, microdermabrasion, touch therapies, deep hydration, masque, moisturizer and sun protection.

75 minutes – $130.00

Microdermabrasion (session)

Uncover healthier skin with this 45min pick-me-up. This treatment gently removes dry, damaged cells at the surface which helps to minimize fine lines and scarring, improves texture and decreases pigmentation. Visible results can be seen after one session, for optimal results – a series of 5 treatments is recommended.
double cleanse, microdermabrasion, masque, moisturizer and sun protection.

45min – reg $100


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