It is the antidote to false eyelashes – a revolutionary way to create volume, define and magnify your own natural lashes. So go ahead, throw away your eyelash curler! The Lash Lift

The Lash Lift w/Tint

The Lash Lift and Tint at Tips Nail Bar is the perfect lunchtime procedure. You’ll have no redness or down, time and the treatment only takes an hour. It’s the newest, low maintenance enhancing treatment that clients, editors and influencers are going gaga over! It’s the wake up with makeup, the makeup no makeup, it IS the newest way to be too glam to give a damn!

Our Lash Lift with Tint is a 5-step treatment to help LIFT, BOOST, DEFINE, DARKEN and VOLUMIZE your natural lashes without any damage!
It is a semi-permanent lash enhancement treatment that creates a long lasting curl to even the most naturally straight lashes. It opens up your eyes and is even great for those with already thick full lashes for an added pop. It gives MAJOR “wow” factor!

Light lashes? No problem! This treatment is great for those with lighter coloured lashes (hey Blondie! Ginger!) or anyone looking for a thicker “mascara” look (without actually having to wear it). Our Lash Tint will give your lashes an immediate boost. They’ll appear darker, thicker, and longer and it lasts for weeks!

How it works:

We’ll apply a vegetable derived, coloured tint to your lash area; this takes approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

After cleansing the eye area, soothing pads are added below the lower lashes. These eye pads are filled with incredibly nourishing ingredients that will help firm, tighten and brighten the area around your eyes during your treatment. (HELLO 2-IN-1!)

Lashes are then combed out and an adhering cleanser is added to your lashes.Silicone pads are then applied to your eyelids and lashes are combed upward over the shaping eye pads using a curling solution.This curl solution will remain on the lashes for 12-15 minutes, removed and another round of curling solution is then applied. Once removed, lashes are then coated with a conditioning treatment infused with Keratin and left on for 5 minutes.
Lashes are then wiped clean and your lashes are MAGNIFIED!

With regular use of EYENVY Conditioning Lash Serum, you’ll have longer lashes in NO TIME!
Available at Tips Nail Bar

On another note… may your lashes be long and your coffee strong.

We have loads of Lash Lift before and after images here #tipshasbrowgame