LFW – Nail Highlights (Part 1)

And continuing across the pond for fashion month, here are some major nails from London Fashion Week FW2013!

House of Holland

LFW - House of Holland

LFW - HOH Look 6 (tortoise martini)

Sophy Robson was the creative hand responsible for the tortoise-shell nails at the House of Holland Fall 2013 show, and it was surprisingly easy to achieve the look. Robson used Leighton Denny Expert Nails products, which involved dabbing on a pastel orange shade to the nail, followed by a canary yellow colour applied in a similar manner and then filling in any outstanding gaps with a red-based brown shade to completely the effect. The tortoise pattern was actually featured on the invitation to the show, as well as in prints, such as the martini glass print show above! Really cool to see such a timeless pattern on nails!


Michael van der Ham

LFW - Michael van der Ham by CND

LFW - MvdH look 5

LFW - MvdH look 2

CND was the creator of the nail looks at Michael van der Ham’s fall 2013 presentation. The first nail look was actually CND Shellac in “Midnight Swim” and “Cityscape” with silver foil on top, while the alternate look was CND Shellac in “Fedora” with copper and gold leafing applied on top. The foil texture visually mimicked the texture of the textiles used for outerwear in the collection.


Jean-Pierre Braganza

LFW - JPB closeup

LFW - Jean-Pierre Braganza look 4

The nails at Jean-Pierre Braganza were done by Essie and they directly correlated with the collection itself, which would be found on only the most glam wiccans we could imagine! For some models, a blackened teal shade was applied to all fingers except the ring, which featured a hand-painted motif that was also featured on garments in the collection. For other models, the motif was actually painted in black on each nail over a muted beige shade. Nail art isn’t going anywhere!

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

LFW - Vivienne Westwood Red Label

LFW - Viv West 2

LFW - Viv West 1

Never one to shy away from colour or making a bit (!) of a statement, Vivienne Westwood Red Label was a shift from the designer’s punk roots, moving in a direction that was dubbed a “workingwoman’s wardrobe” (as long as that woman happens to work in an industry that is creatively inclined!). The nails were no exception for this Fall 2013 runway show. Manicurist Marian Newman created an airbrushed effect on the nail and knuckles of each finger of each model, varying between shades of pink, blue and light purple. While the nails were bright, the created designs had softness about them due to the airbrushing technique. The nails beautifully offset the graphic and strong makeup and pieces from the collection to create a wonderful balance.


Written by Poonam Kaur Billing


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NYFW Nails – The Highlights (Part 2)

Kate Spade (above image)

Deborah Lippmann was the creator for the nails at Kate Spade’s Fall 2013 show, which featured two different polish looks (a custom-combo of bright pink and a more purple-tinged fuchsia, as well as a creamy black) applied to almond-shaped talons, accented with a gold pyramid stud, which echoed pyramid accents in the accessories of Kate Spade’s fall collection.

Below are even more highlights of nail looks we’re feeling from the Fall 2013 shows at New York Fashion Week!

Cynthia Rowley

Courtesy of Erin Baiano for Beauty.com

The entire beauty look at Cynthia Rowley’s Fall 2013 show played with purple tones in varying intensities, ranging from sheer plum tones on eyes to full-force wine shades on nails in the form of Deborah Lippmann’s own Dark Side of the Moon polish, which was finished with a matte top coat for added impact. (Image courtesy of Courtesy of Erin Baiano for Beauty.com)

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang FW2013 (Photo by Jennifer Graylock_Getty Images for Creative Nail Design)

Alexander Wang FW2013 nails (Photo by Jennifer Graylock_Getty Images for Creative Nail Design)

Nails at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2013 show were created by CND under the direction of CND co-founder Jan Arnold. The length was kept conservative with the focus being placed on the finish of the nails, which was dubbed a “sandstone” manicure. A nude polish was applied to nails with a fan brush from the sides towards the centre. After completing with a top coat, the nails were then buffed to wear down the polish through the centre of the nail. The result is an understated and modern twist on the standard nude nail. (Images both by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Creative Nail Design)

Prabal Gurung

Courtesy of Sally Hansen's Instagram http://instagram.com/p/VhbAhGrU00/

Image courtesy of Sally Hansen's Instagram http://instagram.com/p/VhaZEdLUzw/

Prabal Gurung worked with Sally Hansen to create nail colours that were used for his Fall 2013 runway show. The colours being released later this year are pictured above (from left to right: Loden Green, Coat of Arms and Night Watch), and the two stars of the runway show were the gold Coat of Arms and the army shade called Loden Green. Jin Soon Choi started with a base of Coat of Arms and then created a “modern moon” manicure by using two diagonal strokes of Loden Green to create a triangle shape. (Images courtesy of Sally Hansen’s Instagram account)

Written by Poonam Kaur Billing


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NYFW Nails – The Highlights (Part 1)

Now that fashion month has gotten into full swing, here are some nails that definitely caught our attention during New York Fashion Week!

The Blonds

NYFW nails - the blonds JACK

NYFW Nails - The Blonds 3

CND co-founder Jan Arnold created the nail looks (of which there were several, and only a few are shown here!) at The Blonds Fall 2013 show, which was inspired by old-school Hollywood horror. As a result, manicures featured Janet Leigh’s face from Hitchcock’s Psycho and a still of Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shining, among other extremely varied and dynamic nail designs (and lengths, as this show ranged from standard almond-shaped nails to talons sharpened to a point). Really fantastic mix that was perfectly in tune with the collection!


NYFW Nails - Ruffian

Keri Blair Walden for MAC Cosmetics created the nail look for Ruffian’s Fall 2013 show. The look was meant to be indicative of a Victorian lady in mourning, with black veils covering cameo-clad nails. A refreshing gothic lean if we ever saw one!


NYFW Nails - Emerson

In a similar vein to Ruffian, Emerson Fall 2013 featured a lace-inspired look in a palette of porcelain white, soft cream and black. Done by Miss Pop for Orly, the nail look was actually meant to mimic a particular swatch of fabric from the collection. The nails were painted white, then a fishnet pattern was applied in a cream shade using a detailer brush, and floral details were added with a dotting tool.

Rebecca Minkoff

NYFW Nails - Rebecca Minkoff

NYFW Nails - Rebecca Minkoff (ESSIE)

Nails at Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2013 show were eye-catching and they were extremely simple to create, with several drops of five different polishes (specifically Essie polishes in Aruba Blue, Go Overboard, Blue Rhapsody, Penny Talk and As Gold As It Gets) being dropped on the nail and then swirled together with a small brush to create the oil slick effect.

Written by Poonam Kaur Billing


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