Have a questions before your appointment? If you don’t see the answer you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

When you call, email or create a profile online, you will be asked for a credit card to hold your reservation. We can do this by phone, through our online software or we can send you a secure link by text message. This will be saved to your Tips Nail Bar profile and you will only need to provide it once. We will not charge your credit card for your service unless you have given us less then 24 hours notice to cancel. Please see our cancellation policy for more information.

We can always appreciate that traffic happens or subways are delayed. We will do our best to accommodate your reservation within the time scheduled if you arrive late. There will be times when we may have to adjust your service. We try to run on schedule as best as possible and with this in mind, we ask that if you are running late a few minutes to please give us a call at 416-405-8477 to let us know and we will try to make arrangements to make it work.

As parents, we can appreciate how challenging it is finding time to spend on yourself. Our Health and Safety Policy at Tips Nail Bar strongly discourages bringing children into the salon under the age of 8, babies included. While these policies help ensure that all guests enjoy a relaxing experience, it was also created with your child, our team members and clients safety in mind.
Please arrange for off-site childcare during your appointment times.
Thank you for understanding!
Product removals from other salons have slowed us down on many occasions making it difficult for us to stay on time for our next guest. If you have product on from another salon, we always recommend that you email our front desk with a picture of your current manicure and we can make the decision on whether it falls under our 10minute removal time. If you are wearing acrylics or hard gel from another salon, please have it removed elsewhere before your appointment time. We do not remove or fill, Gel or Acrylic from other salons.
Purchasing a gift card is fast and easy! You can email the gift cards immediately to the recipient or print it off and give it to them in person. When purchasing a gift card online, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree with our purchase policies, please read them thoroughly.
Please note: Our merchant processing may take 7-10 days to verify and authorize online purchases. Before this time, your gift card may not be valid for use in the salon. In the event that we are unsure if the purchase transaction is approved, we may ask the recipient to provide photo identification at the time of service in order for us to proceed. Gift cards are treated like cash, we are not responsible if they are lost or stolen. Please contact us if you have any questions.
We understand that a call from your sister’s boyfriend’s aunt’s cousin might seem like it is urgent to you, or that being on hold on speaker phone with your phone provider to discuss your plan is MAJORLY important, but it may not be so important to the person sitting next to you. Holding a laptop or cell phone during your manicure also makes our technicians’ jobs much more difficult and your manicure may end up less than perfect. We understand that REAL emergencies may happen and you need to pick up a call. We won’t stop you in the event of a real emergency. Please be mindful.

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